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Our Star Products

We are proud to be one of the few authorised agents in East Malaysia for some of the top-of-the-class products that have gained global industry recognition for their impeccable quality and high-performance efficiency. Our strategic partnerships are aimed to support our clients’ needs and demands, paving the way for better solutions.

Basler Electric

Carlyle Compressor

DJI Industrial Drone

Other Products

  • Safety Lighting Systems such as Luminaires
  • Hazardous Lighting (Emergency Lighting, Flood Lighting, etc.)
  • Industrial Lighting (Linear Lighting, Flood Lighting, Street Lighting, etc.)
  • Applicable for various locations and purposes, from offshore oil and gas platforms, power production plants and petrochemical installations to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and other manufacturing plants.
  • Cable Gland
  • Fittings
  • Multi cable & pipe transits
  • Cable ladders
  • Cable trays and accessories.

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Basler Electric


The BE1-FLEX Protection, Automation, and Control System is configurable for nearly any Power System application. The BE1-FLEX covers a wide application spectrum as it can be configured for any combination of available functions. The large configurable touchscreen provides an application-specific user interface. To support unknown future needs, the BE1-FLEX can simply turn on extra functions, change or upgrade boards, field upgrade non-hardware style options, and securely update firmware all without needing to remove it from the installation.

The DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System is a high powered, low-cost, and environmentally rugged solution for controlling the output of rotary excited synchronous generators. The DECS-150 is perfect for machines that are paralleled to other generators and/or the utility system. It is ideal for distributed generation, cogeneration, and peak shaving applications.

The DECS-250 is a complete digital excitation control system. Total control in a compact package provides precise voltage, var and Power Factor regulation, and exceptional system response, plus generator protection. An optional power system stabilizer helps meet stringent grid code compliance requirements. The DECS-250 offers extreme flexibility and total functionality in a cost effective, easy-to-use package.

  • The digital excitation control system will be designed to work directly into the generator main field and supply its volt-ampere requirements. The excitation system will be a high initial response design as defined by IEEE 421.2 and be provided with controls, limiters, and protection to safeguard the generator.
  • The system will also offer an optional power system stabilizer (PSS) that operates in conjunction with the AVR/exciter function to dampen local-mode, inter-area, and inter-unit power system oscillations. The PSS will incorporate a user-selectable integral of accelerating power.
  • The DECS-450 will be provided with a user-friendly Windows®-based software program (BESTCOMSPlus®) for easy setup and commissioning of the excitation system. Control, metering, and annunciation functions will be provided via USB, Ethernet via Modbus RTU, and RS-485 communications using Modbus®.
  • The controller will be a panel-mount design with optional rack-mounting provisions.ontent
Working network hardware in data center

Carlyle Compressor

We chose to provide the CARRIER 06N Carlyle compressor, which is a Semi-Hemertic Twin Screw Compressor, for its remarkable ability to operate at 100% efficiency while using alternative environmentally-friendly refrigerants. Not only are they the greener choice, but they are also proven to be more durable than most, even in the most challenging of environments. These compressors are designed for usage within data centres, refrigeration, air conditioning, transportation, and more.

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DJI Industrial Drone

The DJI Industrial Drone is a widely used tool in the oil and gas industry for efficient inspection with minimal downtime and reduced risks. Companies gain detailed aerial data with the industrial drone while maintaining operations, quickly pinpointing errors from a safe location.